Equitable Consulting Practice

Who we are

We are a company born out of a need to build and increase access for equity-deserving folks.

Inclusive Iceland is a boutique organisational development consulting practice that specialises in strategic planning and structural development, with the goal of  improving equity for various organisations, including schools and the public sector. We work to equip staff with the tools to build equity through a holistic and intersectional lens, which combines practice, process, and policies. 

We approach each client engagement as a strategic partnership, where we identify gaps, establish goals, and use a human-centred approach to develop an effective action plan. Our collaborative process is the key to building maximum equity while improving financially sustainable organisations that are intentional in understanding individual needs.

By analysing dominant structures we observe all aspects of social impact such as the environment, technology, consumption etc., allowing us to reinforce working towards seeing measurable change and creating an inclusive design. 



Achola is a policy analyst with over a decade of experience working in Human Rights, both within Iceland and internationally, working with organisations such as the Icelandic local government and the U.N.H.C.R., as well as undertaking collaborative advocacy for underrepresented groups.

Our mission:

To transform communities and create systems that prioritise the needs of equity-deserving folks.

Our vision:

To strategically design measurable and impactful data for marginalised groups to develop unity-based initiatives.


Inclusive Iceland is a consulting practice that works alongside schools, communities, and organizations to advance equity through holistic and intersectional strategies.